Curriculum Vitae

Frans Ilkka Olavi Mäyrä, b. 1966

I Education
II Work Career
III Research Projects and Funding
IV Key Responsibilities and Positions of Trust
V Keynotes, Other Academic Activities

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I Education

1999 Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Tampere
1996 Licentiate of Philosophy in the University of Tampere
1992 Master of Arts in the University of Tampere
1991–92 Studies in art history and literature in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland
1985–92 Studies in cultural and literary studies, art history, English philology, social psychology, and other subjects in the University of Tampere

II Work Career

Current, 2012- (tenured)
Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, University of Tampere/Tampere University. Head of Game Research Lab group, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (was: Faculty of Communication Sciences, before that: School of Information Sciences)
Professorial Fellow, IASR (2018-2019)
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences (2017-2018)
Vice Dean of the School of Information Sciences (2014-2016).
Professor, Deputy Director (2006-2010)
Professor of Hypermedia, Especially Digital Culture and Game Studies, University of Tampere. Head of Game Research Lab group, Department of Information Studies and Interactive Media (previously known as the Hypermedia Laboratory).
Research Director, Deputy Director
Research Director in the Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere. Head of Game Research Lab group. Deputy Director of the Hypermedia Laboratory.
Professor, Deputy Director
Professor in the Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere. Head of Experience Design Research group. Deputy Director of the Hypermedia Laboratory.
Project Manager
Development tasks into studies and research projects of digital media culture at Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere.
Project Director
Headed the development of online study environment for studies of audiovisual media culture at Open University of University of Tampere.
Assistant Professor
Teaching and research tasks in the areas of cultural and art studies at University of Tampere, Department of Literature and the Arts.
1993-98 Researcher
Research Fellow in the project Intertextuality and Identity (1993-94 University of Tampere; dir. professor Pekka Tammi) Research Fellow in the Graduate School of Literary and Textual Theory (1995-98 Universities of Tampere and Helsinki dir. professor Pekka Tammi)
Research into the questions related to the polyphony of identity in the textual and mediated environment.
Numerous other work positions, including working as the guide for Tampere Art Museum and Moomin Museum, teacher of creative writing in Viita-Akatemia’s Sanataidekoulu, writing book reviews, doing graphical design and web site designs for online publications.

III Research Projects and Funding

Competitive research funding awarded during recent years:

1. Communication and Community in Digital Entertainment Services Project, 2001-2002; Information Society Institute, 25 228 euros
2. Future Interaction Television Project, 2001-2002; National Technology Agency Tekes and the consortium of companies, 40 627 euros
3. Computer Games and Digital Cultures, an international game studies conference; Academy of Finland, 9 620 euros
4. Culture in Information Society: Prestudy; Oy Media Tampere Ltd, 9760 euros
5. Living with/in Media, flagship project, 2002-2005; Information Society Institute, 140 000 euros
6. Mediamuseo / Media Museum Project, 2003; 12 000 euros, City of Tampere / Tampereen kaupunki, museotoimi
7. Mogame: The Wireless Gaming Solutions of the Future Project, 2003-2004; National Technology Agency Tekes and the consortium of companies, 300 000 euros
8. Children as the Actors of Games Cultures, 2003-2004; Information Society Institute, Nokia & Ministry of Communications, 36 500 euros
9. Morphome: Living in Metamorphosis, 2003-2004: Control and Awareness in a Proactive Home Environment Project; Academy of Finland, 134 000 euros
10. Games and Storytelling, education project, Nokia & Veikkaus, 2003-2006, 50 708 euros
11. Master’s Course in Digital Games Research and Design, 2004-2005; education project, Ministry of Education, 25 000 euros
12. MC2: Mobile Content Communities project, 2003-2005; National Technology Agency Tekes and the consortium of companies, 190 582 euros
13. IPerG: Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming, 2004-2008; European Commission and the consortium, 454 545 euros
14. Nordic Playground, 2005; NICe, 5 200 euros
15. SuPer: Design and Research Environment for Lottery Games of the Future project, 2004-2006; National Technology Agency Tekes and Veikkaus the National Lottery, 346 248 euros
16. Pelin henki: vuorovaikutteisen viestinnän koulutus pelisuunnittelun avulla, game studies project, 2005-2006; Pirkanmaan TE-keskus, 18 000 euros
17. International Study of Game Cultures, the start-up phase, 2006; Neogames centre/Informaatio- ja kommunikaatioteknologian osaamiskeskusohjelma, 15 000 euros
18. International Study of Game Cultures, the first phase, 2006-2008; Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, 60 000 euros
19. GameSpace: A Method for Design and Evaluation of Mobile Multiplayer Games, 2006-2008; National Technology Agency Tekes and the consortium of companies, 380 000 euros
20. MEPE: Method for Evaluation of Player Experience, 2007; Veikkaus Oyj, 147 800 euros
21. MLE: Mobile Learning Environments, 2007; NICe, 27 166 euros
22. Verkossa pelaamisen erityisongelmia ja suojatekijöitä, 2007-2008; STM, 86 098 euros
23. Pelit palveluiksi – Games as Services, 2008-2010; Tekes & companies, 353 728 euros
24. Verkkorahapelaamisen muodonmuutos, 2008-2009; STM, 67 000 euros
25. Alliance Cluster of Excellence; pelitutkimuksen kärkihanke, Yliopistoallianssi, 2008-2009; Ministry of Education & the University Alliance, 100 000 euros
26. Transformation of Digital Play (TDP/GaIn & SoPlay subprojects), 2008-2010; Tekes & consortium of companies, 575 978 euros
27. Creation of Game Cultures: The Case of Finland, 2009-2012; Academy of Finland, 291 000 euros
28. YouSat; NiCe, 38 423 euros
29. Future Play, 2010; Tekes, 93 000 euros
30. InnEko, 2009-2010; Tivit Oy, 11 379 euros
31. Games Industry Innovation Processes (TDP/GIIP), 2009-2010; Tekes & consortium of companies, 97 000 euros
32. Triangle: The Challenges of Social Media to the Design of Game Services, 2011-2012; Tekes & consortium of companies, 175 000 euros
33. Play Society: Next Media SHOK (2011); Tekes & consortium of companies, 35 800 euros
34. RYM – Built Environment Innovations (2011-); Tekes & consortium of companies, 135 704 euros (1st year 37 727 euros, 2nd year 50 518 euros, 3rd year 47 459 euros)
35. Active Learning Spaces; Tekes & consortium of companies (2012-), 108 915 euros
36. The User Experience in the Future Playful Hybrid Services (Hybridex); Tekes strategic research opening (2012-2014), 210 000 euros
37. FUN (Finnish-US SAVI project), Tekes, 48 488 euros
38. OASIS – pelillisen yhteistyön ja yhteisöllisen oppimisen tilat työssä, TSR, 118 519 euros
39. Services, Tivit SHOK (MixLearn), 87 525 euros (1st year 22 624 euros, 2nd year 64 901 euros)
40. Gaming Behaviour, Norsk Tipping research partnership, 65 000 euros (500 000 NOK)
41. Pelaajabarometri 2013, Pelitoiminnan tutkimussäätiö, 12 000 euros
42. Free2Play, Tekes & consortium of companies, 408 000 euros
43. Koukku – Sales Psychology to Games, Game Psychology to Selling, Tekes & consortium of companies, 185 535 euros
44. Neuroeconomics of Gaming, Tekes & consortium of companies, 87 500 euros
45. Ludification of Culture and Society, Academy of Finland, 350 000 euros
46. Hybrid Social Play, Tekes and consortium of companies, 186 688 euros
47. Growing Mind, Academy of Finland, UTA share c. 803 000 euros (consortium
total c. 5 888 000 euros)
48. Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies, Academy of Finland, UTA share of Academy funding c. 2 116 000 euros (consortium total c. 7 627 000 euros)
49. ICory, Business Finland, UTA share of funding 69 900 euros (consortium total
c. 971 760 euros)
50. (Partner in) UNITE, Forest-Human-Machine Interplay – Building Resilience, Redefining Value Networks and Enabling Meaningful Experiences, Academy of Finland Flagship (overall cost estimate over 13 million euros)
total = over 10 million euros external funding granted

IV Key Responsibilities, Awards and Positions of Trust

  • Tampere City Ambassador (Congress Ambassador), 2024-
  • Member of the Academic Board, Konsistori, Tampere University, 2024-
  • IndieCade Horizons “Lifetime Achievement Award”, 2023,
  • Member of the Advisory Board, Digital Entertainment Machine project (PI Susana Tosca, University of Southern Denmark, 2023-)
  • Avoimuuden edistäjät 2021 (Finnish National Open Science Award, 2021),
  • Member of the Tampere University Professor’s Council Working Committee (2020-2022),
  • Awarded one year personal research period as a Professorial Fellow, IASR, University of Tampere/Tampere University, 2018-2019,
  • Vice Dean, School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere, 2014-2016,
  • Vuoden tiedeteko (Scientific Achievement of the Year award), University of Tampere, 24 April 2018,
  • Member of “Tampere 3 Steering Group”, appointed by Ministry of Culture and Education for the university merger process, 2016-,
  • HEVGA Fellow: recognition by the Higher Education Video Game Alliance (2017),
  • DiGRA Distinguished Scholar award (2016),
  • Member of “New Social Research” project steering group, creating new research profile for University of Tampere, 2016-2020,
  • Member of the steering group, Narrare research centre, University of Tampere,
  • Member of the editorial board, Tampere Studies in Language, Translation and Literature, 2014-,
  • Member of the organising committee, Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2014 conference,
  • Nokia Visiting Professor Award (2011-2012, for a visit to the University of Waikato, New Zealand),
  • Member of the board, Kulttuurintutkimuksen seura (Finnish Association of Cultural Studies), 2010-2011 (deputy board member, 2012-2013),
  • Deputy member of the University Collegium of the University of Tampere, 2010-1013,
  • Best Research Group award, Tekes Verso program, 2010,
  • Deputy member of the board, School of Information Sciences, 2011-
  • Member of the Steering Board, Tampere Centre for Cultural Studies, 2005-
  • Deputy member of the Research Council of the University of Tampere, 2007-2010
  • Founding President, Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA, 2003-2006)
  • Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Studies in Information Sciences (SISCI) publication series, 2006-2009,
  • Member of the Management Committee, COST Action “New possibilities for print media and packaging – combining print with digital”, 2012-2016,
  • Member of the Union Council for the Finnish Union of University Professors, 2008-2010,
  • Member of Academic Advisory Board, journal Homo Ludens (
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Pelitoiminnan tutkimussäätiö, 2008-,
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Nokia Research Centre, Media Laboratory 2008-2009,
  • Member of the Advisory Board, Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto/Media Education, 2008-,
  • Member of the Advisory Board, Together Anywhere, Together Anytime (TA2) integrated project, 2010-,
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Games and Culture journal, SAGE, 2006-,
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Human IT journal, Centre for Information Technology Studies as a Human Science, Borås, Sweden, 2005-,
  • Chairman of the AVEK Award jury, 2008; numerous other award jury positions, including The World Summit Award 2004 & 2006,
  • Member of the Cultural Industry evaluation group, Luova Tampere (Creative Tampere) programme, 2006-2007,
  • Member of the Board, new media association MindTrek ry, 2004-2005,
  • Chairman of the Games Track, Conference Committee Member, MindTrek Conference 2008; Mindtrek Conference Games Track reviewer 2009, 2010,
  • Expert Evaluator for Professorship Appointments or Promotions (e.g. Brunel University, University of Turku, Georgia Tech, University of Salford, University of Cincinnati, University of York),
  • Evaluator or reviewer for various funding bodies, scientific journals and other organisations on new media and culture (e.g. European Science Foundation ESF, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research/Humanities; Arts and Humanities Research Board, UK; Economic and Social Research Council, UK; Technologie Impulse Gesellschaft, Austria; Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs journal; Electronic Markets, Games and Culture and other journals; also academic publishers The MIT Press, SAGE, Vastapaino),
  • Expert statements or testimonies for various governmental organisations (including the Ministry of Justice),
  • Review Committee Chair for the Game Aesthetics track, DiGRA 2009 conference (Brunel, UK); Member of Review Board [player] Conference Copenhagen 2008; Steering Board, Games2006 Conference, Portalegre, Portugal; Member of Programme Committee, Medi@terra 2006 Conference, Athens, Greece; Member of Programme Committee, Future Play 2006 Conference, London, Canada; Member of Programme Committee, 5th International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC 2006), Cambridge, UK,
  • Supervisor of 13 PhD students (University of Tampere, Information Studies and Interactive Media)
  • Evaluator, examiner and/or main opponent for numerous PhD, Licentiate, MA and BA level theses related to issues of games, online community, digital media culture, history of technology and interactive aesthetics (Technical University of Tampere, University of Tampere; University of Helsinki; University of Jyväskylä; University of Turku; University of Oulu; MediaLab, University of Art and Design, Helsinki; Tampere Polytechnic School of Art and Media; University of Stockholm; University of Gothenburg; Utrecht University.)
  • Respondent in the national science fiction and fantasy researcher meetings (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. 2009, 2010).
  • Member of the Jury, Portti Science Fiction short-story competition (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013).

V Keynotes, Other Academic Activities

  • invited speaker, the “Sukellus peleihin ja digitaaliseen kulttuuriin” session in the NUORI2024 event (Tampere-Talo, 24.4.2024)
  • one of the organisers and co-chairs, the international “META” spring seminar (Tampere & Online, 7-8.5.2024)
  • chair and one of the organisers, international “Party!” seminar (Tampere & Online, 4-5.5.2023)
  • opponent in the public PhD defense of Tim Luoto, University of Oulu (Oulu, 1.12.2023)
  • chair and one of the organisers, international “GameBooks” seminar (Tampere & Online, 4-6.5.2022)
  • reviewer, panelist, Norwegian Centres of Excellence 2022
  • one of the organisers, workshop “Looking for the Endgame: Re-Envisioning The Role of Senior Professors”, DiGRA 2022 (Krakow, Poland, 7.7.2022)
  • invited keynote “Future of Ludic Culture”, The Creativity World Forum 2022 (Stuttgart, Germany, 21.7.2022)
  • invited commentator, international “Monstrosity” seminar (Tampere / Online, 20-22.4.2021)
  • speaker in the Avoimesti tieteestä podcast (TSV, online at, 25.5.2021)
  • acted as the Opponent in the public doctoral defence of Samuli Laato (University of Turku, 3.9.2021)
  • guest lecture on the meaning and form of games (GS.110 Multidisciplinary Game Studies, Tampere / Online 8.9.2021.)
  • conference chair, DiGRA 2020 (cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic)
  • one of the organisers, Immersive Experiences seminar (cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic)
  • guest lecture, “Meaning and Form of Games” (GAMS01 Multidisciplinary Game Studies, Tampere, 2.9.2020)
  • invited keynote, “Ludification: Towards a Pervasive Culture of Play?” in GamiFIN 2019 conference (Levi, Kittilä, 9.4.2019)
  • co-chair, Urban Play seminar (Tampere, 15.4.2019)
  • a panelist, a short talk titled “Entering the Ludic society?” (IASR Annual Seminar, Tampere, 18.4.2019)
  • keynote speech, titled “Pelillinen ja leikillinen kulttuuri” (Gameful and Playful Culture) in the annual event of SKR Pirkanmaa (Tampere, 10.5.2019)
  • chair in “Game Research Methods” session, and a short talk “Emergence of Cultural Game Studies: The Role of Humanities” (Methods Festival, Tampere, 29.8.2019)
  • visiting lecture “Meaning and Form of Games” (GAMS01 Multidisciplinary Game Studies, Tampere, 4.9.2019)
  • draft paper presentation in Taboos in Game Studies seminar & workshop (Bergen, Norway, 24.10.2019)
  • member of PhD examination committee (ITU Copenhagen, Michael Debus, 6.11.2019)
  • invited talk “Transmedial Playthings: Games, Toys and Storyworlds in Ludic Culture” in Gamez and Rulez 2019 (Zürich, 9.11.2019)
  • invited talk “Evolution and Tensions in Gaming Communities” in Digital Colosseums – Competitive Video Gaming as Mass Entertainment workshop (Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 9.2.2018)
  • invited keynote, “Game Culture Studies as Multidisciplinary (Digital) Cultural Studies” in DHN2018 (Helsinki, 9.3.2018)
  • short inivited talk, and one of the panelists in “The Future of Media” panel, Tampere Film Festival 2018 (“AVEK – Seuraavat 30 vuotta”; Tampereen elokuvajuhlat, Tampere, 10.3.2018)
  • invited keynote “Potentials of multidisciplinary collaboration in the study of future game and play forms”, A.MAZE festival, Academic and Artistic Research on Digital Games summit (Berlin, 26.4.2018)
  • inivited keynote “Potentials of multidisciplinary collaboration in the study of new media and games”, International Arts and Media Week seminar (Tampere, Mediapolis, 27.4.2018)
  • custos, public PhD defence of Annakaisa Kultima, with Jennifer Whitson as the opponent (University of Tampere, 14.5.2018)
  • chair and a panelist in “Next Level: Creating Larger Research Units in Game Studies” panel, DiGRA 2018 conference (University of Turin, Italy, 27.7.2018)
  • invited keynote “Reading Pervasive Games in Ludic Society”, ECIL 2018 conference (Oulu, 24.9.2018)
  • invited lecture “Meaning and Agency in Game Cultures”, Cologne Game Lab (Cologne, 26.9.2018)
  • invited keynote talk “Fantasy Games as Constructed Worlds, and Gaming as World-Construction” in Matters of Construction seminar (University of Wrocław, Poland, 12.1.2017)
  • invited short talk “Augmented Reality and the Future of Ludic Society”, Tieteen päivät 2017 (Lisätty todellisuus ja peliyhteiskunnan tulevaisuus; Tampere, 20.1.2017)
  • short talk and panelist, “Real and Virtual – Movement between Worlds”, Nuorten filosofiatapahtuma 2017 (Tosi ja virtuaalinen – liikettä maailmojen välillä; Helsinki, 21.1.2017)
  • invited keynote “Ludification of Culture and Pervasive Play”, PhD Research Seminar (Hong Kong PolyU, School of Design, 20.2.2017)
  • commentator, panelist, PhD Research Seminar (Hong Kong PolyU, School of Design, 20-22.2.2017)
  • invited keynote talk “Leikillisyys ja pelillisyys – näillä hyvinvointia työelämään ja vuorovaikutukseen?”, PRO SOS seminar (Socca/Metropolia AMK, Helsinki, 10.3.2017)
  • chairman and short talk in “Pelit ja keinoäly” session, Teknologia 17 event (“Games and artificial intelligence” session, Helsinki, 11.10.2017)
  • keynote “Multidimensional Ludic Literacy: Diversity in Game Cultures”, in 26th Annual EDEN Conference (Linköping, 14.6.2017)
  • invited short talk “Peli on leikin asia” in Tarinailta (Lempäälä, 24.8.2017)
  • invited talk “Maailmojen lukutaidot, ludifikaatio ja kaikkialle levittäytyvä pelillisyys” in Mediakasvatusseura Metka “Ison Pajan Seminaari) (Helsinki, 6.10.2017)
  • invited keynote, “Muuttuva viestintäympäristö: kohti pelien kulttuuria ja yhteiskuntaa” in Teknisen viestinnän juhlaseminaari (Helsinki, 27.11.2017)
  • PhD examiner (“opponent”) for Björn Strååt’s public thesis defence (University of Stockholm, 1.12.2017)
  • invited lecture, “Current Developments in Game Studies” in HSE Annual Student Conference (St. Petersburg, Russia, 4.2.2016)
  • invited keynote “Voimaantumista ja vihaa: Pelikulttuurin valoisat ja pimeät puolet”, Nörttikulttuurin nousu Kuudes valtakunnallinen fandomtutkimuksen konferenssi (Jyväskylä, 3.3.2016)
  • member of tenure track committee, Professor of Interaction Design, Aalto University (March – April, 2016)
  • chairman and organiser, Money & Games seminar (Tampere, 11-12.4.2016)
  • member of Assessment Committee, PhD Raphael Bienia, Maastricht University (defense 28.4.2016, Maastricht, the Netherlands)
  • short talk “Pelaajabarometri 2015”, Pelitutkimuksen päivä 2016 (Jyväskylä, 20.5.2016)
  • short talk “Pokémon GO ja pelillistyvä yhteiskunta”, TEDxOtaniemi (Espoo, 19.8.2016)
  • member of the PhD grading committee, Hannu Korhonen (University of Tampere, 26.8.2016)
  • member of the PhD grading committee, Hanna-Riikka Roine (University of Tampere, 27.8.2016)
  • short talk “Lisätty todellisuus, Pokémon GO ja leikillistyvä yhteiskunta” (OKM/Ministry of Education, Helsinki, webinar, 9.9.2016)
  • invited keynote lecture, “Pokémon GO antaa esimakua tulevaisuudesta” (Heureka Pokémon GO event, Tikkurila, 10.9.2016)
  • invited lecture “Taide, digitaalisuus, T3” (Taiteen käyttöopas seminaari, TAMK Mediapolis, 5.10.2016)
  • invited keynote “Pokémon GO and the Ludification of Culture” (Academic Mindtrek conference, 18.10.2016)
  • member of doctoral examination committee of Rune Kristian Lundedal Nielsen (ITU Copenhagen, 10.11.2016)
  • invited keynote “Pelitutkimuksesta pelillistyvän kulttuurin ja yhteiskunnan tutkimukseen” (Vaasa Game Days, Vaasa, 24.11.2016)
  • short talk “Menneestä tulevaan – digitalisoituvan kulttuurin, pelien historian ja pelillisyyden uusien mahdollisuuksien näkökulma” (Työväenmuseo Werstas, Tampere, 24.11.2016)
  • chairman and organiser, “Demoskeneä vai Tekes-tukea – suomalaisen peliteollisuuden menestystekijät” panel (“Demo scene or Tekes support: The Success Factors of Finnish Game Industry”, Tieteen päivät 2015, Helsinki, 10.1.2015)
  • invited talk, “Peleillä maailma paremmaksi? Pelillisyydestä yhteiskunnan muutokseen” (Using Games to Make a Better World; SITRA Uusi koulutus event, Helsinki, 22.1.2015)
  • short talk, “Informaatioalat ja työn tulevaisuus” (luonnontieteiden alan dekaanikokous, Tampere, 13.3.2015)
  • panel presentation on gamification and designing playfulness (HILMA koulutusverkoston työpaja, Tampere, 20.3.2015)
  • invited lecture “Diversifying Game Studies: From Studies of Games to Research of Services and Society” (ITU Center for Computer Games Research, Copenhagen 10.4.2015)
  • Doctoral pre-examination statement, University of Turku (27.4.2015)
  • Custos in public doctoral defence of Jaakko Stenros (Tampere, 9.5.2015)
  • Chair and one of the organisers, Adult Play seminar (Tampere, 11.-12.5.2015)
  • Chair and one of the panelists, “From Game Studies to Studies of Play in Society” panel (DiGRA 2015, Lüneburg, Germany, 14.5.2015).
  • One of the panelists, “Video Game Around the World” session (DiGRA 2015, Lüneburg, Germany, 14.5.2015).
  • invited keynote lecture, “Inter- and Multidisciplinarity of Game Studies: The Expanding Challenges” (Game Studies – à la française conference, Paris, France, 4.6.2015)
  • one of the panelists, “Game Studies? European touch” session (Game Studies – à la française conference, Paris, France, 4.6.2015)
  • invited keynote “Games, Play and Playfulness: Ludic Turn in Culture and Society?” (Media Education Conference MEC2015, Salla, 16.6.2015)
  • invited short talk “Hybrid Playful Experiences – Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide” (Innovations for the benefit of packaging and commercial printing event, London, 24.6.2015)
  • keynote, “Pelejä ja pelillistämistä – hyvinvointia vai pahoinvointia oppimiseen ja työelämään?” (Sosiaalialan osaamiskeskuspäivät 2015, Tampere, 27.8.2015)
  • member of the PhD examination committee (Ari Haasio, University of Tampere, 11.9.2015)
  • member of the international evaluation panel of ITU Game Degree Programme (ITU, Copenhagen, 21-22.9.2015)
  • short invited talk, “Uuden äärellä: miten perustutkimus kohtaa innovaatiot pelitutkimuksessa” (Professoriliiton syysseminaari 2015, Helsinki, 16.10.2015)
  • keynote, “The Identity of Game Studies: The Widening Range of Research in Games and Play” (CEEGS 2015 conference, Krakow, 23.10.2015)
  • short talk “Game Studies at the University of Tampere – Some Experiences and Lessons” in Game Education Summit (Clash of Realities conference 2015, Cologne, 3.11.2015)
  • together with Janet Murray, the invited speaker in the “Town Hall Talk: From Past to Future” (Clash of Realities conference 2015, Cologne, 4.11.2015)
  • closing keynote “Playful Culture: Are We Undergoing a Ludic Turn?” (Clash of Realities conference 2015, Cologne, 4.11.2015)
  • invited keynote “Transmedial Playthings: Games, Toys and Playful Engagement in Storyworlds” (Transmedialisierung Symposium, Wien, 10.12.2015)
  • invited lecture “Moderni oppija – pelillisyyden läpitunkema” (The Modern Learner – Immersed in Games and Playfulness, Kunta KeSu seminar, Espoo, 16.1.2014)
  • panelist in the Role of Research panel, Games Now! series (Aalto University, Espoo, 20.1.2014)
  • keynote “Pelillisyys ja oppiminen – murrosten aika” (“Playfulness and learning – the era of transformations”, in Tulevaisuus haastaa oppimisen ja verkko-opettajan, seminar, Jyväskylä, 28.3.2014)
  • chairman and one of the organizers, Critical Evaluation of Game Studies seminar (Tampere, 28-29.4.2014)
  • panelist in Tiedefoorumi 2014 (Suomen Akatemia/Heureka Science Center, Tikkurila, 27.5.2014)
  • short talk “Pelit kulttuurissa ja yhteiskunnassa” (“Games ín Culture and Society”, in Rotary event, Tampere, 30.5.2014)
  • keynote “The Multidisciplinary Study of Games: An Academic Discipline, or A Research Field without an Identity?” in Federated Computer Science Event 2014 (Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelypäivät 2014, Lappeenranta, 3.6.2014)
  • Docent (Adjunct Professor) statement, Malmö University / Simon Niedenthal (3.6.2014)
  • Book project statement, The MIT Press (18.6.2014)
  • invited keynote lecture “Mixed Pleasures: Interdisciplinary Perspectives into ‘Social Games'” (Multi.Player 2: Compete – Cooperate – Communicate conference, Münster, Germany, 14.8.2014)
  • keynote (and one of the organisers) “From Interdisciplinarity to Identity and Back: The Dual Character of Academic Game Studies” (ERASMUS IP Summer School: Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research, Utrecht, 18.8.2014)
  • Evaluator statement, Austrian Science Fund / PEEK Projects (31.8.2014)
  • Book project statement, Bloomsbury Publishers (25.8.2014)
  • invited keynote “Pelillisyys, leikillisyys ja oppimisen muodonmuutos” (“Gamefulness, Playfulness and the Transformation of Learning”, in Koulu ja oppimisen muutoksessa seminar, Imatra, 30.9.2014)
  • invited keynote “Mobiili ja kaikkialle levittäytyvä pelillisyys – viestinnän, tiedonhankinnan ja oppimisen uudet mahdollisuudet” (“Mobile and Pervaisive Gamefulness: The New Opportunities for Communication, Information Seeking and Learning”, in Sosiaalinen media koulutuksessa seminar, TAOKK/TAMK, Tampere, 3.10.2014)
  • invited keynote “Peleillä terveeksi? Pelillisyydestä motivaatiota muutokseen” (“Healthy by Gaming? Motivation for Change from Gamefulness”, in Pelaten terveeks? conference, Jyväskylä, 5.11.2014)
  • invited short talk “Interaktiivisten pelien maailma” (“The World of Interactive Games”, in Reseptio, vuorovaikutus ja tyyli seminar, Kansallinen Audiovisuaalinen Instituutti, Helsinki, 6.11.2014)
  • invited keynote “Voimaantuminen ja pelit: pelifantasian monet kasvot” (“Empowerment and Games: The Many Faces of Game Fantasy”, in Good Game seminar/Pelitaito-projekti, Helsinki, 6.11.2014)
  • reviewer for Philosophy of Computer Games conference (Istanbul, 13-16.11.2014)
  • PhD pre-examination statement, University of Turku (24.11.2014)
  • Member of the games in higher education requirements expert group (VOSE workshop series, Opetushallitus, Helsinki, starting 27.11.2014)
  • chairman and presentation “Pelit, pelimaailmat ja fantasian kautta voimaantuminen”, Verkkomaailmat-sessio, Tieteen päivät 2013 (“Games, Game Worlds and Empowerment through fantasy” in Online Worlds session, Tieteen päivät 2013, University of Helsinki, 13.1.2013)
  • keynote lecture: “From Mobile Games to Playful Communication: Play in Everyday Life” (IADIS Mobile Learning 2013 conference, Lisbon, 15 March 2013)
  • presentation “Kaikkialle levittäytyvä pelillisyys ja Facebook: pelitutkimuksen näkökulma”, in Facebook, tutkimus, yhteiskunta workshop (“Pervasive Playfulness and Facebook: the Perspective of Game Studies” in Facebook, Research and Society workshop, University of Tampere, 18.4.2013)
  • short presentation “Gamification in the Culture of Playfulness” (Gamify Finland seminar, EIT ICT Labs, Espoo, 14.5.2013)
  • conference co-chair, Narrative Minds and Virtual Worlds (University of Tampere, 21-22.5.2013)
  • response, Pelitutkimuksen päivä (Tampere, 29.5.2013)
  • chair, Physical and Digital in Games and Play seminar (University of Tampere, 29-30.5.2013)
  • keynote, “Trends in Games Research and Development” (Focusing Game Industry and Digital Media, MoneyTalks Forum, Tampere, 6.6.2013)
  • shot comment talk “Games – learning and growing into cultural agency in an interactive era”  (Technologies for Learning, Helsinki, 22.8.2013)
  • short talk “Pelillisyys ja kampukset –miten oppimisympäristöt muuttuvat?” (Games, Playfulness and University Campuses – How the Learning Environments Are Changing? in Toimitilaseminaari, Helsinki, 22.8.2013)
  • speaking in the keynote panel “10 Years of Game Studies” (DiGRA 2013, Atlanta,  27.8.2013)
  • paper presentation “Identity of Game Scholars: An Outline” (DiGRA 2013, Atlanta, 29.8.2013)
  • keynote lecture, “Pelillisyys ja uudet lukutaidot” (Games, Playfulness and New Literacies, Opettajankoulutuksen 25-vuotisjuhlaseminaari, Yliopistokeskus Chydenius, Kokkola, 12.9.2013)
  • short talk “Kuka päättää, millaista taidetta tehdään?” (Who decides what kind of art will be made? SKR Kulttuurinpuolustuspäivät, Hämeenlinna, 27.9.2013)
  • PhD thesis pre-examination (Meghdad Mehrabi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 30.10.2013)
  • keynote lecture “From Narrative to Gameplay (And Back) – Studying Transmedial Storyworlds” (Focus in German Studies conference, University of Cincinnati, USA, 9.11.2013)
  • keynote lecture “Games in Social Communication – Towards Literacy of Mobile and Pervasive Play” (2nd International Conference on Media Education and Digital Competence – Ludoliteracy, Collective Creation and Learning, Barcelona, Spain, 14.11.2013)
  • public opponent in the PhD dissertation defense of Jussi Palomäki (Faculty Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, 29.11.2013)
  • chair of award jury, Terve Peli! game design competition (Helsinki, 2.12.2013)
  • invited lecture “Pelillisyyden ja oppimisen suhteista” (About the Relation of Playfulness and Learning; Turku AMK kirjastojohtajien koulutus, Tampere, 13.12.2013)
  • chairman, Role-Playing in Games seminar (University of Tampere, 10-11.4.2012)
  • keynote lecture “Myrskyn silmässä: pelillisen viestinnän riemu ja riesa” (In the Eye of the Storm: The Pleasure and Pain of Playful Communication; ITK 2012 conference, Hämeenlinna, 20.4.2012)
  • invited lecture:  “Pelit, sosiaalinen media, internet – nuorten hyvinvointia edistämässä vai heikentämässä” (Games, social media, internet – the positive or negative potentials for the well-being of the young people; Työkaluja nuorten hyvinvointiin/Tools for the well-being of the Young People seminar, Oulu, 26.4.2012)
  • member of the examination committee, PhD defense of Karl Bergstrom (University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 23.5.2012)
  • keynote lecture “Finnish Fantasies: From Consumer to Pirate to Producer in Finnish Gaming Cultures” (You, Me, User – Conference on User-Generated Culture, Helsinki, 25.5.2012)
  • invited lecture, “Socio-cultural research into games, play and society” (Mobile Life Center, University of Stockholm, Kista, 1.6.2012)
  • opponent in Ulf Hagen’s Phil.Lic. examination (University of Stockholm, Kista, 1.6.2012)
  • conference chair, DiGRA Nordic 2012 (Tampere, 6-8.6.2012)
  • commentator, PhD workshop, DiGRA Nordic 2012 (Tampere, 6.6.2012)
  • member of the grading committee, Johanna Lilja’s PhD defense (University of Tampere, 15.6.2012)
  • member of the examination committee, Douglas Rushkoff’s PhD defense (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, 25.6.2012)
  • invited panel presentation, SIGCOMM 2012 Workshop on Mobile Games (MobiGames; Helsinki, 13.8.2012)
  • panel presentation in DIGI.FI seminar (Helsinki, 5.9.2012)
  • invited lecture “Gamification & Playfulness / Johdatusta pelillisyyteen ja leikillisyyteen” (Liikkeenjohdon Suomenmestaruus, Helsinki, 6.9.2012)
  • invited presentation “Digitaaliset pelit lasten ja nuorten arjessa” (with Juho Karvonen; Lastensuojelupäivät 2012, Helsinki, 4.10.2012)
  • invited lecture “Pelejä kirjastoon – kirjasto pelinä? – Pelien kulttuurit ja pelaamisen historiaa” (Ilona seminar, Oulainen, 5.10.2012)
  • research visit, University of Waikato, New Zealand, 17.10.-29.12.2012
  • invited lecture, “Games, social media, internet – the positive and negative potentials”, The New Zealand Office of Film & Literature Classification (Wellington, 7.12.2012)
  • presentation “Arvo ja raha internetin fantasiapeleissä” (Value and Money in the Online Fantasy Games; Helsinki, Tieteen päivät, 13.1.2011)
  • member of the panel, “Proffan arki – paneelikeskustelu professorin työn arjesta” (The Daily Work of Professors; Tieteen päivät, 14.1.2011)
  • lecture about the online gaming “Nettipelien verkoissa” (Kriittinen tila; Tampere-talo, 9.4.2011)
  • commentator in the “Rappio!” seminar (Porin yliopistokeskus, 15.4.2011)
  • short presentation about new media and game studies in the media research seminar “Mikä ihmeen media” (University of Tampere, 29.4.2011)
  • guest lecture about Internet communication history “Internet – yhteyden ja etäisyyden historiaa” (University of Tampere, 4.5.2011)
  • chairman and one of the organisers, Games and Innovation Research seminar (University of Tampere, 5.-6.5.2011)
  • a panelist in Kohtaa peli! event (Tikkurila library, 13.5.2011)
  • advisor board member in TA2 project meeting (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, 10.6.2011)
  • short presentation “Playful Communication” in New Forms of Communication research program meeting (University of Tampere, 22.8.2011)
  • lecture “Playfulness and gamification – what they are and where they are heading?” (Helsinki, Fjord, 9.9.2011)
  • panel presentation “Findings from Finland” in Panel on International Gaming: Comparative Survey Research on Digital Gaming, DiGRA 2011 (Hilversum, The Netherlands, 15.9.2011)
  • keynote session “Live Book Review: Garry Crawford, Video Gamers”, DiGRA 2011 (Hilversum, The Netherlands, 15.9.2011)
  • plenary session talk “Games Are Not Dangerous Enough” in Ivory Tower that Isn’t rant session, DiGRA 2011 (Hilversum, The Netherlands, 16.9.2011)
  • keynote lecture “Games and the Internet as a Threat and as a Tool for Empowerment” in The 12th ISPCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (Tampere, 19.9.2011)
  • keynote lecture “The Global and Local in Fantastic New Media: The Case of Finland” in EUROFAN: New Directions of the European Fantastic after the Cold War (Salzburg, Austria, 29.9.2011)
  • invited presentation “Informaatiokone ja ihminen” (Information Machine and Human; Punakone-ilta, Studio Eri, Turku, 19.11.2011)
  • presentation “Pelien kultuurit” (Cultures of Games; Pelit ja sosiaalinen media seminaari, Tampereen yliopisto, 22.11.2011)
  • invited lecture “Pelikirjasto vai kirjastopeliä?” (Game Library or Library Game? AMKIT 10-v. juhlaseminaari, Lahti, 25.11.2011)
  • invited lecture “Muuttuvat muodot: digitaalinen pelaaminen kulttuurissa ja yhteiskunnassa” (Chancing Shapes: Digital Play in Culture and Society, HelMet seminar, Helsinki, 29.11.2011)
  • invited lecture: “Pelit – oppimista ja kasvua verkkomaailman toimijoiksi” (Games – learning and growth into subjects of online world; Pelit, virtuaalimaailmat ja simulaatiot oppimisessa -seminar, Tampere, 15.12.2011)
  • respondent, the seminar on Youth Culture and Exclusion, by the Finnish Government (Helsinki, 20.2.2010)
  • PhD examiner, Alison Gazzard, University of Hertfordshire (University of Hertfordshire, UK, 21.2.2010)
  • member of jury, the Finnish Game Jam 2010 (Tampere, 31.2.2010)
  • keynote lecture “The Dual Structure: Experiencing Digital Games in the Intersection of Gameplay and Media” and Digarec PhD seminar (Germany, University of Potsdam)
  • lecture “Virtuaalimaailmat: käyttö, kehitys & kulttuuri” (Virtual Worlds: use, evolution & culture; Helsinki School of Economics, 11.3.2010)
  • lecture “Pelillinen ajattelu ja virtuaalimaailmat” (Ludic Thinking and Virtual Worlds; Helsinki, 18.3.2010)
  • lecture “Play in the Mobile Internet: Towards Contextual Gaming” (Elisa, Helsinki, 24.3.2010)
  • chairman and one of the organisers, Games Research Methods seminar (Tampere, 8.-9.4.2010)
  • lecture in “Mediapeliä: sosiaalista ja pelillistä oppimista tutkimassa” session together with Janne Paavilainen and Hannamari Saarenpää (Mediagame: studying social and playful learning seminar, TUTKOKE seminar; Tampere, 22.4.2010)
  • lecture and one of the organisers “Mediapeliä: sosiaalista ja pelillistä oppimista tutkimassa” (Mediagame: studying social and playful learning seminar, together with Janne Paavilainen and Hannamari Saarenpää, ITK 2010 conference, 23.4.2010)
  • chairman, “Fantasiaa, kauhua – ja pelejä” (Fantasy, horror – and games panel session, TRACON V, Tampere, 4.7.2010)
  • respondent, FinFar science fiction and fantasy researcher meeting, Fincon 2010 (Jyväskylä, 16.7.2010)
  • lecture “Vanhat ja uudet – pelit ja lukutaidot” (Old and New – Games and Game Literacies; Äidinkielen ja kirjallisuuden foorumi, Helsinki, 4.8.2010)
  • workshop “Seikkailua, roolipeliä ja simulaatiota – käytännön perehtymistä peleihin” (Adventure, RPG and simulation gaming workshop for teachers, Äidinkielen ja kirjallisuuden foorumi, Helsinki, 4.8.2010)
  • lecture “Hyvät pahat pelit: pelaamisen ja hyvän elämän kysymyksiä” (Good Bad Games: Questions of Gaming and Good Life; Taiteiden yö, Oulu, 26.8.2010)
  • session chair, Mindtrek conference 2010, Games track (Tampere, 6.10.2010)
  • panel organiser and session chair, “Fantasy and the Net” (IR11 conference, Association of Internet Researchers, Göteborg, Sweden, 21.10.2010)
  • keynote “Fantasiaverkkopelaajan todellisuuspako ja paluu todellisuuteen” (Online Fantasy Gamer’s Escape from Reality and Return to the Real; Fanitutkimuspäivät, Tampere, 4.11.2010)
  • presentation “The Culture and Identity of Casual Online Play” (Homo Ludens 2.0., Playful Identities conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 18.11.2010)
  • keynote lecture “Digitaaliset peli- ja lukutaidot ja opetus” (Ainedidaktiikan symposium 2009, Tampere, 13.2.2009)
  • lecture “Digital Game Literacy: Lessons for R&D” (Nokia Theme Talk, Nokia Research Centre, Tampere, 26.2.2009)
  • lecture “Japanese Fantasy and the East-West Dialectic” (Asian Studies, Tampere, 4.3.2009)
  • keynote lecture “Nettipelaajan profiili” (Päihdelääketieteen päivät, Turku, 6.3.2009)
  • lecture “Digitaalisista pelilukutaidoista” (Lapset media ja kirjastot -seminar, Pasila, 20.3.2009)
  • lecture “Puuhapaja vai tiedon temppeli: pelit ja vuorovaikutteinen media kirjastossa” (Kirjasto ON seminar, Helsinki, 26.3.2009)
  • keynote lecture “Pelien hyvyydestä ja pahuudesta: pelikulttuurin ja mediakasvatuksen kysymyksiä” (Hyvä paha media ja kasvatus seminar, Tampere, 27.3.2009)
  • chairman and one of the organisers, Playful Experiences seminar (Tampere, 2-3.4.2009)
  • lecture “Hyvät pahat pelit: pelaamisen ja hyvän elämän kysymyksiä” (ITK conference, Hämeenlinna, 23.4.2009
  • organiser and one of the speakers in the theme seminar “Oppia peleistä ja sosiaalisesta mediasta” (ITK conference, Hämeenlinna, 24.4.2009)
  • TYT game training for teachers, lectures and workshop (Tampere, 14.5.2009)
  • keynote lecture, “Exploring Playfulness: Challenges and Opportunities” (Nokia Research Centre, Helsinki, 19.11.2009)
  • lecture “Elämää verkossa” (On the Online Life; Lantrek 2008, Ylöjärvi, 19.1.2008)
  • presentation “Rahapelien tutkimusta: tuloksia MEPE-hankkeesta” (On New Gambling Research; Veikkaus media meeting, Helsinki, 8.4.08)
  • presentation “On game education” (IGDA chapter meeting, Helsinki, 8.4.2008)
  • chairman & co-organiser, “Breaking the Magic Circle” seminar (Tampere, 10.-11.4.2008)
  • lecture “Pelit oppimisympäristöinä” (Games as Learning Environments; TKK, Espoo, 14.4.2008)
  • lecture “Pelien perusoppia: uusi oppikirja johdattaa pelitutkimukseen” (The Fundamentals of Game Studies; ITK’08 conference, Hämeenlinna, 17.4.2008)
  • lecture “Pelit ja mediakasvatus: kohti pelilukutaitoa” (Tampere, 29.4.2008)
  • lecture “Digipelaamisen lukutaidoista ja pelisosiaalisuudesta” (LEVELS seminar, Jyväskylä, 5.5.08)
  • panel speaker in “Sivistys ja metropolit” seminar (Tulevaisuusvaliokunta/The Committee for the Future, Finnish Parliament, Tampere, 21.5.08)
  • presentation “TDP/Soplay & GaIn” (Tekes Verso Bazaar, Helsinki, 5.6.08)
  • lecture “Understanding Games: Studying Socio-Cultural Meanings in Digital Play” (Nokia Research Centre seminar, Tampere, 17.6.08)
  • lecture “Doing Game Studies in Multi- and Interdisciplinary Ways” (Nordic Games Research Network summer school, Aalborg, Denmark, 19.6.08)
  • panel speaker in “Rahapelaaminen 2010-luvulla” (SuomiAreena, Pori, 16.7.08)
  • paper commentator in SF & Fantasy researcher meeting 2008 (Tampere, 25.7.08)
  • lecture “Tulevaisuuden koti tutkimuksessa ja tieteisfantasiassa” (The Future Home in Research and in Science Fantasy; Finncon 2008, Tampere, 26.7.08)
  • lecture “The Role of Digital Play in a Society: The Case of Finland” (Annenberg School for Communication summer school, Tampere, 4.8.08)
  • panel speaker in “Minä sosiaalisessa mediassa – Median uusi valta: verkkoyhteisöt ja pelit” (On the Self in Social Media and Games; Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki, 16.8.08)
  • presentation “10 minuuttia pelien tulevaisuudesta” (10 minutes on the Future of Games; GaS project workshop, Espoo, 9.9.08)
  • lecture “Japanese fantasy and the East-West dialectic” (Imaginary Japan Conference, Helsinki, 18.9.08)
  • lecture “Nettipokerin pelikokemus ja verkkopelaamisen muodonmuutos” (Verkkorahapeliseminaari, Helsinki, 24.9.2008)
  • chair of games research track (MindTrek Conference, 7.10.2008)
  • presentation “SoPlay – Social Play with Media” (MindTrek Conference, Tampere, 9.10.2008)
  • paper presentation “Play in the Mobile Internet: Towards Contextual Gaming” (Internet 9.0 Conference, Copenhagen, 16.10.2008)
  • session chair, “Gameplay Panel” (Internet 9.0 Conference, Copenhagen, 17.10.2008)
  • lecture “Tietokonepelien voima ja peleissä voimaantuminen” (Tiedeakatemia, Helsinki, 10.11.2008)
  • presentation “Casual-pelaamisen monet kasvot: tietoa nykypäivän pelaajista” (Sanoma Entertainment media event, Helsinki, 18.11.2008)
  • lecture “Pelillisyys sosiaalisessa mediassa – sosiaalisuus peleissä” (IADE, Helsinki, 19.11.2008)
  • presentation “Case digitaaliset pelit – tietoyhteiskunta matkalla kohti peliyhteiskuntaa?” (Tulevaisuusvaliokunta, Eduskunta, Helsinki, 20.11.2008).
  • lecture “Nykypäivän pelit ja pelikulttuurit” in Forum Dynamo event (Helsinki, 26.1.2007)
  • lecture “Pelien kulttuurit ja pelaaminen” in HelMet, Paluu tulevaisuuteen seminar (Tikkurila, 1.2.2007)
  • lecture “Elämää verkossa: nykypäivän ja tulevaisuuden verkkokulttuurit” in Tietoturvapäivät seminar (Helsinki, 5.2.2007
  • lecture “Lähestymistapoja digitaalisten pelien analyysiin” (Department of Literary and Art Studies; University of Tampere, 13.2.2007)
  • lecture “Pelit oppimisympäristönä” (Helsinki University of Technology, 12.3.2007)
  • presentation “Digitaalinen vallankumous” in Ihminen ja Kosmos seminar (Kuhmo, 17.3.2007)
  • lecture “Ajaton kauhu” (TAMK/TTVO, Tampere, 29.3.2007)
  • lecture “Internet Communities – Technologies of (Dis)connection?” (ISSS, University of Tampere, 4.4.2007)
  • one of the organisers and the chairperson in Gamers in Society – Play in Culture seminar (University of Tampere, 17.-18.4.2007)
  • lecture “Pelitutkimus – Case MOGAME” in FENIX Results Seminar (Helsinki, 24.4.2007)
  • lecture “Tuotettu maailma – elämyksellinen media näyttää tietä tulevaisuuteen” in Dokumentori/Etteplan seminar (Tampere, 25.4.2007)
  • lecture “Understanding Player Behaviour” in Interactive Gaming Seminar (Helsinki, 12.6.2007)
  • presentation “Pelitutkimus: esittelyä” in Peliverkko seminar, University of Helsinki (Helsinki, 19.9.2007)
  • panel speaker in “DiGRA Present and Futures” panel, DiGRA 2007 conference (Tokyo, 24.9.2007)
  • session chair in “Theory and Practice of Game Design 4” paper session, DiGRA 2007 conference (Tokyo, 27.9.2007)
  • paper presentation “The Contextual Game Experience: On the Socio-Cultural Contexts for Meaning in Digital Play” in panel “Approaches to Player Experience Research” in DiGRA 2007 conference (Tokyo, 27.9.2007)
  • chair in “Games as Services” conference track in MindTrek conference (Tampere, 3.10.2007)
  • lecture “Virtual Games and Gambling” in PTS2007 seminar (Haarlem, The Netherlands, 5.10.2007)
  • panel speaker in “Future of Gambling” panel in PTS2007 seminar (Haarlem, The Netherlands, 5.10.2007)
  • presentation “Digitaalisen pelaamisen sosiaalisuudesta” (On the sociability of digital play; PlayStation information day event, Helsinki, 25.10.2007)
  • lecture “Heritage in Virtual Disguise: Reaching the Young” in Making Cultural Heritage Truly Inclusive Conference (Helsinki, 11.10.2007)
  • lecture “Introduction to Game Design 1: What Is Game Studies?” (Skellefteå, Sweden, 2.11.2007)
  • lecture “Introduction to Game Design 1: Game Cultures – Meaning in Games” (Skellefteå, Sweden, 2.11.2007)
  • lecture “Changing Information Technology: Making of Game Cultures” in Changing Views on Technology, Media and Cultural Approaches seminar (Joensuu, 8.11.2007)
  • conference keynote lecture “The Role of Digital Play in a Society: The Case of Finland” in the Future Play 2007 conference (Toronto, Canada, 17.11.2007)
  • seminar keynote lecture “Making a Change: From Player-Centred Game Studies to Player-Centred Game Design?” in Viestintätutkimuksen päivät 2007 (National Conference of Communication Studies; Vaasa, 30.11.2007)
  • lecture “Digitaalinen yhteisöllisyys, pelit ja museot” (Digital communities, games and museums; Museoviraston kehittämiskeskus, Helsinki, 5.12.2007)
  • participant and a short invited presentation “Pelitutkimuksen ja digitaalisen kulttuurin näkökulma” (The viewpoint of game studies and digital culture) in Children, the Youth and Wellbeing/Malaise working seminar (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Helsinki, 12.12.2007)
  • lecture “Pelikulttuurit ja tietoyhteiskunnan muutos” in the Hypermedia Studia Generalia lecture series, University of Tampere (Tampere 9.2.2006)
  • lecture “Ajaton kauhu? Kauhufantasian kaari esimodernista myöhäismoderniin intermediaalisuuteen” in ‘Media ja tunne’ lecture series, Media Culture, University of Tampere (Tampere, 9.3.2006)
  • speaker, chairman and one of the organisers in the “Tiede ja tieteisfiktio – luovat sukulaiset?” session of ‘Tieteen iltapäivä ja yö 2006’ event (University of Tampere, 10.3.2006)
  • speaker in sessions “The Social Dimensions in Digital Gaming” and “Game Curriculum Workshop: The Shape of Things to Come” (Game Developers Conference 2006, San Jose, USA, 20.-21.3.2006)
  • lecture “Pelikulttuurin näkökulmia” in ‘Mediakulttuurin ajankohtaisia tutkimuskysymyksiä’ lecture series, University of Joensuu (Joensuu, 28.3.2006)
  • chairman in the Playing Roles seminar (University of Tampere, 30.-31.3.2006)
  • presentation “Pelikasvatusta yliopistotasolla: pelit hakevat paikkaansa koulutuksen maailmassa” and one of the game studio organisers in ITK 2006 Conference (Hämeenlinna 6.-7.4.2006)
  • presentation “Konferenssipeleistä kohti pelillisiä konferensseja – pelitutkijan puheenvuoro”, Tulevaisuuden kongressi event (Tampere, 21.4.2006)
  • presentation “SuPer: the Player Studies” in Neogames Garden seminar (Vantaa, 4.5.2006)
  • speaker in panel “SF and Fantasy in Video Games” in Finncon 2006 event (Helsinki, 19.8.2006)
  • presentation “New Generation of Games: Challenges and Possibilities” in Where Do You Go Internet seminar (Tampere 31.8.2006)
  • presentation “Welcome to Mapping the Global Game Cultures: Issues for a Socio-Cultural Study of Games and Players” in Medi@terra Gaming Realities conference, Athens, Greece, 6.10.2006)
  • lecture “Peli ja kulttuuri – pelikulttuuri?” in Hypermedia Studia Generalia series (Tampere, 17.10.2006)
  • lecture “Millaisissa pelimaailmoissa koululaiset viettävät aikaansa?” in Mediavälitteiset nuorisokulttuurit seminaari (Tampere, 7.11.2006)
  • lecture “Developments of Pervasive Games” in Ubimedia seminar (Tampere, 8.11.2006)
  • lecture “Pelit ja mediakasvatus – kohti pelilukutaitoa” in Media Literacy lecture series (Tampere, 14.11.2006)
  • presentation “Digitaaliset pelit yhteiskunnassa ja kulttuurissa” in Pelit murroksessa – sosiaalisen pelaamisen uusi tuleminen event (Helsinki, PlayStation, 28.11.2006)
  • lecture “From Virtual to Pervasive: Developments in the Social Life of Game Players” in Youth Goes Online event (Helsinki, Nokia, 19.12.2006)
  • chairman and one of the organisers, Creative Gamers seminar (University of Tampere, 11.-12.1.2005)
  • lecture “Elämää metamorfoosissa: hallinta ja tietoisuus proaktiivisessa kotiympäristössä” in ‘Proaktiivisen tietotekniikan kollokvio’ (University of Helsinki, 18.1.2005)
  • chairman in the panel “Nykypäivän pelit” (Äidinkielen opettajien talvipäivät, University of Tampere, 29.1.2005)
  • short presentation “Point of View” (Games and Storytelling series, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, 3.5.2005)
  • chairman in a session “Looking for the Hard Core of Game Studies” (Game Developers Conference 2005, San Francisco, 10.3. & 11.3.2005)
  • lecture “Digitaalisen (peli)liiketoiminnan tulevaisuus” (DigIT2005 event, Kotka, 11.5.2005)
  • workshop presentation in “DiGRA Futures” seminar (in conjunction with the Playful Subjects seminar, Bristol, 13.5.2005)
  • chairman in session “Pelilukutaito” in Media Skills and Competence Conference (University of Tampere, 26.5.2005)
  • president of the organising association, “Changing Views: Worlds in Play” – DiGRA 2005 Conference, 16.-20.6.2005, Vancouver, Canada
  • presentation with Laura Ermi, “Fundamental Components of the Gameplay Experience: Analysing Immersion” (“Changing Views: Worlds in Play” – DiGRA 2005 Conference, Vancouver, Canada)
  • lecture “Digitaaliset pelikulttuurit: marginaalien muutosvoima?” in ‘Tulevaisuuden tutkimuksen seuran kesäpäivät’ seminar (Siuntio 18.8.2005)
  • presentation with Petri Lankoski, “Design and Evaluation Methodologies for Mobile Games” (IPerG Open Day; 12.9.2005, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • lecture “Näkökulmia digitaalisiin pelikulttuureihin” (Werstas auditorio/TTVO; Tampere 19.9.2005)
  • lecture “Näkökulmia digitaalisiin pelikulttuureihin” (Verkon monet kasvot, Wermun juhlaseminaari, Helsingin yliopiston koulutus- ja kehittämiskeskus Palmenia; Lahti 18.11.2005)
  • presentation with Laura Ermi, “Player’s Emotional Experiences with Games” (DAC 2005 conference, 1.12.2005, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • presentation “Tietokonepeli: portti moneen maailmaan” (Tieteen iltapäivä ja yö, 23.1.2004, University of Tampere)
  • lecture “Nettikulttuuri, pelit ja mediakasvatus” in ‘Mediatutkimuspäivät 2004’ seminar (University of Tampere, 31.1.2004)
  • presentation “Socio-Cultural Research on Games” in Imagina 2004 event, (Monaco, 4.2.2004)
  • presentation “Digitaalinen mielikuvitus” Yhteiskunnallinen mielikuvitus -paneelissa in ‘Henki ja elämä’ event, (Tampere 7.2.2004)
  • lecture “(Uus)mediakulttuurin tutkimusta vai (uus)mediatiedettä? Ajankohtaisia kysymyksiä” in ‘Digitaalisen kulttuurin päivät’ (University of Joensuu, 27.2.2004)
  • presentation “Games and Entertainment” in FENIX-vuosiseminaari (Helsinki 21.4.2004)
  • presentation “Tunne ja kokemus tietoyhteiskunnassa: pelit ja pelitutkimus” in Tampere Crossing Conference (Tampere, 5.5.2004)
  • presentation with Laura Ermi, “Player-Centred Game Design: Experiences in Using Scenario Study to Inform Mobile Game Design” in Games Design Research Seminar and Workshop, IT University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen 7.5.2004)
  • panel presentation “Researching Science Fiction” in Finncon 2004 event (Jyväskylä 11.7.2004)
  • panel presentation “Pelit fiktiona ja fantasiana” Finncon 2004 event (Jyväskylä 11.7.2004)
  • panel presentation “Spekulatiivinen Buffy-paneeli” Finncon 2004 event (Jyväskylä 11.7.2004)
  • lecture “Games and Storytelling: Understanding Games” in Games and Storytelling lecture series (University of Tampere, 5.10.2004)
  • lecture “Varieties of Academic Games Research / Introduction to Digital Games Research Association DiGRA” in Korea Games Conference 2004 (Seoul, South Korea, 15.10.2004)
  • lecture “Pelisisällöt digimediassa nyt ja tulevaisuudessa” in Tampereen mediamessut (Tampere, 27.10.2004)
  • panel presentation “Elämysteollisuus ja vapaa-aika” in ITI 2004 conference (Tampere, 11.11.2004)
  • lecture “Digitaaliset pelit” in Edugaming workshop (Tampere Technical University 17.1.2003)
  • lecture “Hybridien ja kyborgien arki – tulevaisuuden tietoyhteiskunta katutasolla” in ‘Kuve – Kunnalliset verkkopalvelut’ seminar (Tampere 18.2.2003)
  • presentation “Introduction to Pervasive Gaming” in ‘030303 Collective Play Colloquium’, University of Berkeley & Intel Research Lab Berkeley (Berkeley, USA, 3.3.2003)
  • presentation “State of the Industry/Academic Relations” with Warren Spector in Academic Summit, Game Developers Conference 2003 (San Jose, USA, 4.3.2003)
  • lecture “Lyhyt johdatus digitaalisiin peleihin ja niiden tutkimukseen” (University of Jyväskylä, 20.3.2003)
  • lecture “Kauhufantasian kaari – katsaus paradoksien historiaan” (University of Jyväskylä, 20.3.2003)
  • keynote lecture “EduGames – tulevaisuuden oppimismenetelmä?” in ITK 2003 conference, researcher meeting (Hämeenlinna 9.4.2003)
  • opening lecture “Tove Janssonin tuotannon juuret lapsuudessa ja fantasiassa” for ‘Sadun saaret’ exhibition, Tampereen taidemuseo, Muumilaakso (Tampere 11.4.2003)
  • lecture “Digitaalinen ryhmäviestintä, yhteisöllisyys ja pelit” for Digitaalisen viestinnän lisensiaattikoulutus (University of Tampere, 12.4.2003)
  • panel chairman, session on the evolution of role-playing culture, Tampereen Roolipelitapahtuma (Tampere 3.5.2003)
  • workshop coordinator for ‘Case: Peliklusteri’ in IT Business 2010 seminar (Tampere Technical University, 21.5.2003)
  • lecture “Pelien maailman monta mahdollisuutta” in Mediasikermä seminar, Pelastakaa Lapset ry. (Helsinki 26.5.2003)
  • lecture “Introduction to Digital Communities” in Telecities Event (Tampere, 26.6.2003)
  • lecture “The Digital Demonic – Towards a Methodology of Horror Game Analysis” in Sacred Media Conference (Jyväskylä, 12.7.2003)
  • panel presentation “Akateeminen Buffy-paneeli” in Finncon 2003 event (Turku 2.8.2003)
  • lecture “Scifi teknologiatutkimuksen apuna: tulevaisuuden proaktiivinen koti” in Finncon 2003 event (Turku 3.8.2003)
  • panel presentation “Kaikkiruokaisten klassikot” in Finncon 2003 event (Turku 3.8.2003)
  • lecture “Mobile communities and games as part of digital culture” in Summer School on Mobile Communities and Games as part of Digital Culture; MindTrek/ACTeN/Europrix event (Turku, 8.8.2003)
  • lecture “Researching Games and Digital Culture” in Assembly’03 Seminar (Helsinki, 9.8.2003)
  • lecture “Gamers, history, society and business” in Helsinki School of Economics, Gaming Industry in Finland seminar (Helsinki, 11.8.2003)
  • presentation of working paper, “Game Analysis and Interpretation: The Demonic and the Unholy in Digital Games” in University of Tampere, Game Studies Seminar (Tampere 13.8.2003)
  • panel presentation, Game On exhibition in Tennispalatsin Taidemuseo (Helsinki, 21.9.2003)
  • lecture “Pelien maailman monta mahdollisuutta” in Game On exhibition, Tennispalatsin Taidemuseo (Helsinki, 22.9.2003)
  • presentation “Lapset ja nuoret pelikulttuurien toimijoina” in an expert meeting by invitation from the Minister of Culture (Helsinki, 10.10.2003)
  • lecture “Digitaalinen elämystuotanto – pelitutkimuksen perspektiivi” in ‘Blanko-päivät’ event (Oulu, 15.10.2003)
  • presentation “Johdantoa peleihin ja pelikulttuureihin” and coordinator of game studies workgroup in the cultural studies ‘KUTU10’ seminar, University of Oulu (Oulu, 16.10.2003)
  • presentation with Laura Ermi, “Power and control of games – Children as the actors of game cultures” in the Level Up – Digital Games Research Conference 2003 (Utrecht, the Netherlands, 5.11.2003)
  • presentation “Pervasive Social Games and Learning” in Pervasive Games symposium in the Level Up – Digital Games Research Conference 2003 (Utrecht, the Netherlands, 6.11.2003)
  • presentation “Game Analysis and Interpretation: The Demonic and the Unholy in Digital Games” in the Level Up – Digital Games Research Conference 2003 (Utrecht, the Netherlands, 6.11.2003)
  • chairman in “Learning by Gaming” session in ITI 2003 conference (Tampere, 12.11.2003)
  • chairman in session “Learning by Gaming” and panel presentation in ‘Lapset ja tietoyhteiskunta’ seminar 2003 (Tampere, 12.11.2003)
  • lecture “Tiede, taide ja teknologia: kohti digitaalista kulttuuria” in Mediatutkimuspäivät, University of Turku (Turku 2.2.2002)
  • lecture “Tietoverkot ja tieteiden rajat” in ‘Opetuksen kevätpäivät’ seminar, University of Tampere & Tampere Technical University (Tampere 23.4.2002)
  • chairman and main organiser in Computer Games and Digital Cultures conference (Tampere 6.-8.6.2002)
  • presentation “Creativity and Community: Developing Tools for Participatory Media Culture” in the Mediatheque seminar, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London 9.7.2002)
  • lecture “Verkkokulttuuri ja oppimisympäristöjen yhteisöllisyys” in ‘Jyväskylän kesä’ event (Jyväskylä 12.7.2002)
  • lecture “Elämysten suunnittelu vuorovaikutteiseen mediaan” in ‘Tunteita ja tuoksuja – näyttelyt ja elämyksellisyys’ seminar, Museoliitto (Helsinki 12.9.2002)
  • lecture “Uusmedian genret”, TAMK/TTVO (Tampere 22.9.2002)
  • presentation “Kulttuuri ja digitaalinen media” in ‘Viestintätekniikan lisäarvo kulttuurin tuotannossa ja markkinoinnissa seminar, eTampere (Tampere 23.10.2002)
  • presentation and organiser in “Information Society for Fun” session in IST 2002 conference (Copenhagen, Denmark, 6.11.2002)
  • lecture “Muuttuva kulttuurimaisema ja digitaalinen kulttuuriperintö” in ‘Kulttuuriperinnön digitointityöryhmän seminaari’, Ministry of Education (Tampere 4.11.2002)
  • lecture “Tietokonepelit, lasten vai aikuisten kulttuuria?” in ‘Lapset ja tietoyhteiskunta’ seminar (Tampere 11.11.2002).
  • lecture “Seikkailupelaamisen maailmat”, TAMK/TTVO (Tampere 30.3.2001)
  • lecture “Oppimateriaalit verkossa, opinnäytteet verkossa ja oppimisympäristöjen käyttö” in ‘Digitaalinen julkaiseminen’ seminar (Helsinki 25.4.2001)
  • lecture “Digital.culture?” in ‘IT och samhälle’ seminar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Helsinki 10.5.2001)
  • lecture “AV-mediakulttuuria verkossa” in SUVI-päivät (Helsinki 10.5.2001)
  • lecture “Sisään kuvaan – digitaalisen viihteen jaetut estetiikat” in ‘Digitaalisuus ja estetiikka’ seminar (Helsinki 29.5.2001)
  • chairman and organiser of ‘Kulttuuri ja digitaalisuus’ seminar (Tampere 6.6.2001)
  • lecture “Riemuitseva hirviö – pahan voimien poetiikkaa” in ‘Matalaa & korkeaa’ seminar (Kangasala 27.10.1997)
  • presentation of “The Exorcist” chapter from PhD thesis in a seminar with prof. Sara Mills, School of Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, UK (December 1997, University of Tampere)
  • presentation “Tunteet(on) kirjallisuus/tutkimus” in national literary studies KTS seminar ‘Kirjallisuus ja tunteet’ (Lammi, 16.1.1998)
  • presentation “Nykykauhun iloiset pirut – Clive Barker & Anne Rice” in national literary studies KTS seminar ‘Kirjallisuus ja tunteet’ (Lammi, 16.1.1998)
  • lecture “Verkko kulttuurikasvattajana – vai kulttuurinen kasvu verkossa?” in ITK 1998 conference (Hämeenlinna 18.4.1998)
  • chairman and organiser of Interfaces: Current Literary / Textual Theories – Baltic and Nordic Perspectives seminar (Tallinn, Estonia, 25-29.5.1998)
  • two panel presentations, “The Future of Identity” and “What is Virtual Reality?” in Intercontact’98 event (Oslo, Norway 3.-5.7.1998)
  • lecture “Maailmanverkon kulttuurinen luonne”, Tampereen yliopiston täydennyskoulutuskeskus, Digitaalisen sisällön ja vuorovaikutteisen multimedian suunnittelijakoulutus DIGSIS II (Tampere 8.9.1998)
  • lecture “Kulttuuria verkossa – ja erilaiset verkkokulttuurit”, Tampereen yliopiston täydennyskoulutuskeskus, verkkoasiantuntijakurssi (Tampere 28.9.1998)
  • lecture “Internetin kulttuurinen luonne” and one of the organisers in ‘Johdatus digitaalisen taiteeseen ja kulttuuriin’ studia generalia lecture series (University of Tampere 19.10.1998)
  • presentation “Roolipelikulttuuri ja tutkimus”, chairman and organiser in the first role-playing studies seminar (Tampere 29.5.1999)
  • lecture “Lyhyt johdatus kauhuun”, in ‘Finncon 1999’ event (Turku 13.8.1999)
  • lecture program organiser in the Nordic ‘Solmukohta 2000’ event (Helsinki 24.-27.2.2000)
  • lecture “On Monsters and Monstrosity” in the Nordic ‘Solmukohta 2000’ event (Helsinki 25.2.2000)
  • lecture “The Role-Playing (Sub)culture” in the Nordic ‘Solmukohta 2000’ event (Helsinki 27.2.2000)
  • lecture “Rooli, draama, Internet”, in the history of drama lecture series, Media Culture (University of Tampere 7.3.2000)
  • presentation “Digitaalisen kulttuurin juonteita” in ‘Sisällössäkö Suomen tulevaisuus?’ seminar, Ministry of Education (Helsinki 9.6.2000)
  • two panel presentations in the Millennium Finncon event: in ‘Jedi joka vaihtoi sukupuolta: Identiteettivisiot tieteiskirjallisuudessa’ session (chairman Markku Soikkeli) and in ‘Onko tieteen aika scifissä ohi? – Magialla hoidat sen helpommin’ session (chairman Vesa Sisättö)
  • lecture “Strategia-, rooli- ja seikkailupelien historiasta” in University of Tampere & TAMK/Taiteen ja viestinnän osasto co-organised ‘Pelikulttuurien kesäkoulu’ summer-school (Virrat 21.8.2000)
  • lecture “Fantasia- ja tieteiskirjallisuus pelimaailmojen taustana” in University of Tampere & TAMK/Taiteen ja viestinnän osasto co-organised ‘Pelikulttuurien kesäkoulu’ summer-school (Virrat 22.8.2000)
  • lecture “Maailmanverkon monet kulttuurit” DIGSIS IV, TYT (Tampere 5.9.2000)
  • lecture “Pirulle pikkusormi? Elokuvan tulevaisuus digitaalisena peliteollisuutena” AVEK seminar ‘AVEKin uusi vuosi’, TAIK, Lume-keskus (Helsinki 7.9.2000)
  • lecture “Playing with the Devil? Digital Culture and Commercialism” in Playing Games in the Digital Age conference, Ultima Festival (Oslo 6.10.2000)
  • panel presentation in ‘Kulttuurin julkisuus ja 2000-luvun sanomalehti’ seminar (Tampere 7.11.2000)
  • lecture “Lost in Cyberspace: Kyberpunkin virtuaaliset avaruudet” in ‘Johdatus tieteisfiktioon’ lecture series (University of Turku, 8.11.2000)
  • moderator in “Yhteisöllisyys digitaalisessa kulttuurissa” session ‘Interaktiivinen tulevaisuus ja ihminen’ ITK 2000 conference (Tampere 15.11.2000)
  • lecture “Role-Playing Games and Online Worlds: In Search of a (Sub)Culture” University of Tampere, Digital Subcultures seminar (Tampere 24.11.2000)
  • presentation “Mikä kauhussa kiehtoo?” in ‘Basaari’ seminar, Department of Literature and the Arts, University of Tampere (Tampere 22.4.1993)
  • presentation “Traagisen subjektikäsityksen kritiikki” in ‘Dekonstruktio/Semiotiikka’ session of the 1993 national KTS seminar on literary studies (7.-8.5.1993)
  • paper presentation “Tekstuaalisuus metaforana: Barthes ja Derrida” in Journalism and Communication Studies post-graduate seminar (by Veikko Pietilä) (University of Tampere, 3.5.1993)
  • presentation “Koneihminen: humanismia hypermediaan” in session ‘Hyper/multimedia’, Tiedotustutkimuksen päivät 1994 (Helsinki 14.1.1994)
  • presentation “Kiehtova ja kauhea demoni” in in ‘Basaari’ seminar, Department of Literature and the Arts, University of Tampere (Tampere 10.3.1994)
  • regular participant in the seminars organised by the Graduate School of Literature and Textuality (Kirjallisuuden ja tekstuaalisuuden tutkijakoulu) since 1995
  • presentation in ‘KUTU’ cultural studies research seminar (University of Oulu, April 1995)
  • lecture “Nautin kauheasti – kauhukulttuurin paradokseja” (Jämsän työväenopisto, 27.10.1995)
  • presentation “Splintered Self: Artificial Persons in Contemporary Science Fiction” in seminar with prof. Brian McHale (Yale University) Department of Literature and the Arts (University of Tampere, February 1995)
  • presentation “Demoninen teksti – kielen demonisuus?” in the seminar of General Linguistics (University of Tampere 30.11.1995)
  • presentation “Electric Demons: A Cyberpunk Romance” in 20th Century Literature 1996 conference (Louisville, USA, 23.2.1996)
  • presentation “Dick, Raha ja Androidi” in ‘Seksi, raha, kuolema’ seminar, Department of Literature and the Arts (University of Tampere 11.4.1996)
  • prepared response to prof. Lis Moeller in ‘Narrative Desires and Plotted Designs’ seminar (Tampere 4.6.1996)